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We pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable and trustworthy and have been supplying owners in the south Costa Blanca with professional management and maintenance services since the beginning of 2005.

We know how difficult it can be to manage your property from abroad.

Whether your property is your holiday home, your family home or a holiday rental property, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

Additionally, our maintenance services will help ensure that your property is kept in tip-top condition

Our popular management package incorporates the following and costs €330 per year 

At a Glance

• Secure key holding • Weekly property inspections • Unlimited guest check-in/check-out service • First hour of attendance for deliveries/tradesmen • Mailbox monitoring and forwarding • Provision of estimates • Car rental estimates • Permanent point of contact for your guests • 24 hour emergency contact number • Property inventory lists and the ckecking of after guests departure • Area information packs • Your Property Advertised and Promoted Free of Charge on up to 20 of the leading holiday rental websites.

Further Details

Secure key Holding - The keys will be held in a safe place and upon request will be made available to owners, visiting guests and tradesmen. We would require three sets of keys.

Weekly property inspection • This comprises of regular weekly inspections of the property both inside and out. This includes checks for safety and hygiene, including the opening of all windows and doors to air the property. Check water supply is connected, toilets flushed, water run in bidets, sinks and showers. Check cisterns for running water. Check for any signs of forced entry or attempted entry. Electricity supply checked including bulb check. TV service provider check where necessary. A damp and mould check will also be carried out and application of mould spray if necessary, as will insect repellent if necessary. Gardens and patios swept and cleared of light weeds. Letterboxes cleared and urbanisation notice boards checked for any matters affecting the property. A log of the inspection is made and can be emailed or faxed to you on a regular basis. Should any maintenance or repair situations arise, you will be notified and we will be happy to provide you with estimates from our list of recommended tradesmen for your consideration. In addition to our weekly visits, we will always visit the property following a storm to check for any damage or water ingress. It is our policy to ensure that all electrical appliances and telephones are unplugged whilst the property is vacant.

Unlimited Guest check-in/check-out • Prior to your guest's arrival, we will make final preparations for their stay, including airing the property, turning on lights, air conditioning/heating etc. as necessary. Upon your guest's arrival we will meet them at the property (airport service available), familiarise them with alarms, locks, appliances etc. We will issue them with a set of keys and our contact number. Upon their departure, we will again meet your guests at the property, retain the keys, check and secure the property and can arrange for them to be taken to their departure point. A thorough check of the property will then be carried out paying particular attention to breakages and losses. Additionally, meter readings can be taken before and after your guest's stay to protect against indiscriminate use of appliances, namely air-conditioning.

Attendance for delivery/repairs • A member of our team will be in attendance at your property should repairs be necessary or if you are expecting a delivery. The first hour of any attendance is free of charge. However, we do charge €12 per hour thereafter.

Mailbox Monitoring and forwarding • We can regularly visit your urbanisation or private mailbox on your behalf and forward your mail to you.

Provision of estimates • At your request, we can obtain estimates for maintenance & building work, white goods furniture etc and car hire.

Point of contact • We will provide your guests with our contact details and will be more than happy to attend the property and discuss any non emergency concerns with them during reasonable hours. For emergencies we can be contacted and will be available 24/7.

Inventory • At your request, we will carry out a full property inventory. We will also check the propertry against this after guests departure.

Information pack • Again, at your request, we will compile an information pack to ensure that your guests make the full benefit of your property and surrounding area.

Your Property Advertised and Promoted Free of Charge on Airbnb,, Trip adviser group, Expedia group, Vrbo, Hometogo, Google, Agoda, Atraveo, Cozycozy, E-domizil, Holidu, Hyperguest, Locasun, Magicstay, Rentberry, Tripvillas, MisterBNB

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Additional Management Services

At a Glance

• Cleaning, washing & ironing service • Welcome packs • Baby/child equiptment hire •
• Guest chauffeur to and from airports, shopping centres, beaches, markets etc •
• Purchase of household items • New build progress report/snagging service •
• Furniture packs and bulky items pick-up service •

Further Details

Changeover Cleaning • Following you or your guest's departure, the property will be thoroughly cleaned. This will include a full clean to all rooms. Includes cleaning of appliances - fridge-freezer inside and out, cooker and hob, vacuuming, mop floors, polishing, strip beds and replace with fresh linen, replace toilet rolls & kitchen towels and remove all rubbish from the property. The outside areas (patio/terrace/solarium etc.) will be swept and cleaned with outside furniture cleaned. All bedding, towels, tea towels will be washed and ironed. Stand alone washing and ironing service also available.

Spring Clean • This type of clean is ideal if the property has been vacant for a extended period of time or after a period of long term rental.

New-build Cleaning (after the builders have left!) • This type of clean is more intensive and usually requires the removal of plaster/grouting from tiles, the polishing of tiles, the removal of building supplies (yes, we do find bags of cement in cupboards) and a thorough clean throughout.

Welcome packs • We can provide various welcome packs for your guests.

Baby and Child equipment • We are able to obtain costs and arrange delivery of this equipment. Such as high-chairs, cots, prams/buggies, food supplies, toys and much more.

Guest chauffeur • We can arrange pick-up and return of you or your guest from airports, car rental centres, shopping centres, beaches, theme parks and markets.

Purchase of household items • We would be more than happy to obtain prices, purchase and arrange delivery in your absence for white goods/furniture replacement

New-build progress report and snagging service • Providing regular site visits and relaying comments and photographs to you regarding building progress. We can also carry out a comprehensive snagging list.

Furniture packs and bulky items pick-up service

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Current - 2021/22 (based on average sized property) 

  • 1 bed apartment - €33
  • 2 bed/1 bathroom apartment - €44
  • 2 bed/2 bathroom apartment - €49
  • 3 bed/1 bathroom apartment - €60
  • 3 bed/2 bathroom apartment - €66
  • 2 bed/1 bathroom villa        - €55
  • 2 bed/2 bathroom villa        - €60
  • 3 bed/1 bathroom villa        - €66
  • 3 bed/2 bathroom villa        - €71 
  • 4 bed/1 bathroom villa        - €77
  • 4 bed/2 bathroom villa        - €82
  • 4 bed/3 bathroom villa        - €88
  • 1 bed apartment - €90
  • 2 bed apartment - €110
  • 3 bed apartment - €130
  • 2 bed villa - €120
  • 3 bed villa - €140
  • 4 bed villa - €150
  • 1 bed apartment - €110
  • 2 bed apartment - €130
  • 3 bed apartment - €150
  • 2 bed villa - €140
  • 3 bed villa - €160
  • 4 bed villa - €170
  • Standard welcome pack - €15
  • Standard Plus welcome pack - €20
  • Welcome packs made to order plus 5 euro service charge
  • Please contact us for details

    Additional Maintenance Services

    At a Glance

    • Painting & Decorating • Electrical • Plumbing • Security grills • Mosquito blinds • Persiana blind repairs • Air-con repair and installation • Satelite tv • Monitored alarm • Garden maintenance • Pool maintenance • Pressure washing patios/terraces etc • General DIY, maintenance and repairs •

    Further Details

    Painting & decorating

    • All interior and exterior painting undertaken.
    • Interior touch-up, single room, full refurb., colours of your choice
    • Security grills refurbished and refinished.
    • Ballustrades prepared and repainted.
    • Metal archways and gates repainted.
    • Urbanisation work also undertaken.

    Garden/pool/terrace maintenance • We can provide regular tidying and maintenance of gardens, from weekly to monthly or ad-hoc basis. Pools require regular maintenance. We can take care of regular cleaning, replenishing chemicals and checking for leaks. This will be done twice in the summer and once a week in the winter. We are also fully equipped with pressure cleaning tools to clean and maintain pool areas, terrace and patios.

    General DIY and maintenance/repairs • We are always on hand for any DIY and general small repairs that may crop up from time to time.

    We can obtain estimates and authorise work on your behalf from reputable local companies for the following services;
    Electrical and plumbing work, security grills & gates, mosquito blinds, air-conditioning repairs and installation, satellite tv, monitored alarms.

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    As Spanish properties vary so much on size and design it is difficult to give a cost without a visit. We would be more than happy to visit the property and provide a no-obligation quotation - no job too small.

    However, to give an idea of costs to paint the interior in white matt (colours and silk finish at extra cost);

    • 1 bedroom apartment/bungalow - from €160
    • 2 bedroom apartment/bungalow - from €220
    • 3 bedroom apartment/bungalow - from €290
    • 2 bedroom villa - from €290
    • 3 bedroom villa - from €380
    • 4 bedroom villa - from €480
    Includes rust removal, oxidising, rust preventative primer and two coats of gloss finish - from €30 per grill.
    Prepared and painted from €30 per meter
    All garden and general maintenance €12 per hour
    Communal & Private pool maintenace inc chemicals from €55 per month - please contact us for a quotation
    You just provide the water! €12 per hour

    Contact Us